The Web3 Data Warehouse

Empower your Web3 analytics & business intelligence with Coherent - Seamless access to decoded and enriched blockchain data at your fingertips.

Accelerate your Big Data insights with Coherent

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Speed up Your Time to Market

Focus on talking with your customer and building out the core product, not data infrastructure.

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Less Hiring, More Shipping

Accelerate your blockchain development by focusing on building and shipping your product, not hiring expensive talent.

Amazing features that will speed up your development

99.99% uptime

Always online. Industry leading uptime that delivers the highest performance possible for your users.

Real time

All of our data is up to date with the current chain tip, making analytics real-time for your users. All data ETL'd immediately after finality.

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Rich data

Gone are the days of cryptic hashes. All of Coherent's data is decoded and enriched, making it easy to tell what happened on chain

100B+ data points

Focus less on data and more on what's most important: building your product.

All the Chains

Our endpoints include data from every EVM chain, SVM (Solana), UTXO (bitcoin), cosmos and polkadot

Custom DBT Views

Create views of any protocol across any chain to do custom protocol analytics for any protocol, in your own environment.

Integrated with the most popular blockchains

Coherent is constantly adding new blockchains and tools that allow us have the most up to date and valuable data on the market.

Made for all use cases

Access Data
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Analytics & BI

Enable analytics use cases in your own environment with our big query and snowflake integrations. Easily pull data in bulk.

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Onchain Accounting

Automatically reconcile and account for advanced onchain actions in minutes instead of days.

Machine Learning Models

Build models with our rich, accurate and human readable data.

What our amazing customers
say about Coherent

Don't take our word for it, read what others are saying.

Our model digests transaction data into nonlinear features to predict intent for on-chain users across EVM chains. Coherent’s data was instrumental to quickly build the dataset we used for training.

Mike Wu
Founder @ Pareto Labs

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got you covered!

What is Coherent

Coherent's goal is to be the core infrastructure that provides human readable, enriched web3 data to machine learning, analytics, big data and indexing applications. We provide easy-to-use data pipelines that allow backend developers to build data backends, including ML pipelines and indexers. All of our enriched datasets provide truly useful data points for indexing and creating models - no more hard-to-read hashes, only human-readable data on wallets and users. Easy to use, simple to read. That’s our goal

What does Coherent do?

Coherent provides a singular data source for web3 backend developers, reducing development time, cost, and complexity with next-gen tools that unify different chains.

Why should developers use Coherent?

Coherent provides a better workflow for building high-performance web3 data pipelines and is fully compatible with your favorite web3 tools and services. We supply developers with a managed and infinitely scalable blockchain infrastructure, allowing you to devote your full attention to building your application. We cut the cost and complexity of developing web3 backends so that you can launch your creation in minutes or days, rather than weeks or months.

What blockchains/networks does Coherent support?

Coherent currently supports the following blockchains:

Coming soon*