About Coherent

By making human-readable data available to all Web3 developers and founders, we aim to onboard the following billion people into the world of crypto.

Reduction in time to market

Build your web3 app faster than ever before with human readable transaction data.

Data points

Every transaction across the EVM eco-system aggregated in a single API.


Know that you are in good hands with our reliable services.

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Our story

Coherent's goal is to make blockchain user data accessible to the entire community. The current circumstances mean that without data, you cannot actually build the product that you really want to build.

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Our Mission

Coherent mission is to onboard the next billion users into the crypto community. We want to democratize Blockchain data for the Web3 industry. Our team comprises ex-coinbase employees with the DNA to build world-class Web3 solutions. Let's make this dream a reality by joining the Coherent team and making the web three space easier to build upon.

Meet our team members

This is a team that you can trust. Learn more by click on each of our pictures. Feel free to contact any of us, we love talking with customers!

Carl Cortright
CEO & Founder
Leopoldo Orines
Head of Engineering
Daniel Avnieli
Head of Operations
Jason Li
Founding Engineer
Ellen Choi
Founding Engineer
Natalie Pekker
Founding Engineer
Ammar Alinur
Senior Founding Engineer

We're backed by incredible investors

Our values

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We believe that innovation comes from everyone and everywhere, so each team member is encouraged to share new ideas.

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It is our responsibility to create an environment where people of all backgrounds are comfortable being their true self at work. At Coherent, we encourage you to be YOU.

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Focus on the user and everything else will fall in line. We will always go above and beyond to make our customers successful and empower them.

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We value clear and concise communication, great listening skills, and honesty. We want you to say what you believe and ask and answer questions directly.

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Own it

We all take ownership and are accountable for the work we do. Success belongs to everyone.

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Be humble and stay hungry.

We value confidence, not arrogance. We take initiative to make our company better, speaking up when warranted, and acting as problem-solvers.