December 21, 2022

Changelog 0x3: New Chief-of-Staff, Handling Proxy Contracts

Changelog 0x3: New Chief-of-Staff, Handling Proxy Contracts

Back with another update log! Still working through our alpha signup queue, but if you haven’t yet, check out our website to sign up for the alpha with your email! On the topic of our website –

New Website!!

Woot woot - glad to have more than just a simple landing page, but if you head over to we have a brand new look and logo as well. A new signup flow as well, and we’ll be fully posting on our website blog (all prior Mirror content on there as well) starting from next changelog. The redesign is thanks to our…

New Chief of Staff!

We’re proud to announce our new chief of staff, Daniel Avnieli! He’s been helping out with the major redesign of the website as well as wearing a million and one other hats, and he’ll be another one of the main points of contacts moving forward. You can reach out to him at, and after some more updates to our site you’ll see him featured as a new member with a small blurb about his background. Hyped to have you on the team Daniel!! 🥳

Handling Proxy Contracts

When coding up the parsing logic for Gnosis Safe, our team ran into issues with correctly identifying the right contract logic - without going too much into the nitty gritty, its proxy infrastructure which saves on gas fees would confuse our indexer since none of the actual smart contract functions or logic we were looking for would be within the given address.

By digging deeper into the DELEGATECALL traces, our indexer now handles proxy infrastructures! This enables us to cover a far broader range of transactions, and helps our own indexer scale well.

Polygon + more coverage

Finally, we’re currently underway on backfilling Polygon after finishing our Ethereum backfill and improving contract coverage for all chains. The end goal is to have 95%+ of all transactions parsed across an ever expanding variety of chains, with Arbitrum in the pipeline soon as well.

Thanks for reading y’all, and we’ll be back in the two weeks again with more updates! Ping us at any time @coherentapi.