December 21, 2022

Changelog 0x4: Polygon + Zapier Integration

Changelog 0x4: Polygon + Zapier Integration

Hello world!

We’re excited to share some updates on the Coherent product and our roadmap. If you haven’t read our previous changelogs they’re available here. As a reminder, we post changelogs every two weeks to keep up with new product launches and updates. As always, hit us up @coherentapi or on any of our emails with feedback or features you’d like to see. Otherwise, here goes…


First up, we’ve launched polygon mainnet for all of our users. Over the past two weeks we’ve backfilled almost 2 billion polygon transactions into our systems. Polygon is one of the top EVM compatible chains, with some of the highest adoption after Ethereum mainnet. We’re excited to launch Polygon alongside Ethereum and Optimism as we expand our chain offerings. Next up, Arbitrum and Goreli!

Zapier Integration

A common feature many teams ask for are low/no-code ways of using Coherent. Today we’re launching our Zapier integration that makes it super easy to integrate Coherent’s enriched blockchain data into apps like discord, slack, google sheets and other common applications. Just connect your account with an API key to get started!

For more updates, follow us on twitter @coherentapi! We’re always looking for user feedback as we iterate on and improve the product.