December 21, 2022

Changelog 0x5: We’re Live!

Changelog 0x5: We’re Live!

Coherent is officially live and ready for public use! 🎉

Starting today, users can sign up and start using the product. All that’s required is to make a free account at, issue an API key, and start making requests. The best part, it’s free to get started! We provide $300 in free credits for you to start building and experimenting.

When you sign up, you can access our world-class APIs, including:

  • Every NFT indexed across all of the chains we support
  • Balances and asset ownership
  • User’s net worth, ENS, and active blockchains
  • Human readable transaction histories
  • Real-time streaming
  • Gains / losses and portfolio charts
  • Smart contract metadata and ABIs
  • Multichain support
  • And more!

Our mission is to help web3 teams go to market faster and cheaper than they ever thought possible. Our APIs provide a powerful building block that makes it simple to build web3 products that would otherwise take months of complicated infrastructure and data work. With Coherent, teams can go to market on average 90% faster. Our hosted APIs are a reliable platform for building any product.

Product Overview

Below is an overview of what you can build with our product. We’re constantly adding new features, and we’d love to hear from you about what you want added! With the power of our APIs, you unlock the power of 1000s of query combinations that make integrating on-chain data a breeze.

NFT Indexers

We’ve indexed every NFT across Ethereum, Polygon, and Optimism, including metadata, floor price, and USD floor price, so you don’t have to. This allows you to build NFT galleries for your users quickly.

Net Worth, ENS, and Active Blockchains

The most comprehensive overview of an address. In sub-second time, have the full net worth of the user, including NFTs and token balances, their ENS, and their active blockchains.

Asset Ownership

We index every asset and make it extremely easy to query the asset balances of your users. We also include the most diverse set of rates, allowing you to display USD prices for every asset.

Portfolio Charts

Our high-performance portfolio chart endpoints can provide up to 1000 data points between two time periods, allowing users to see the performance of their portfolio.

Human Readable Transaction History

We decode and parse every transaction across all of the chains we support and make them available through a single endpoint, allowing you to query for the action the user took in the contracts they interacted with. Furthermore, the types of objects they acted on. As a result, everything is human-readable, perfect for building everything from end-user applications to machine-learning models.

Smart Contract ABIs

We have a unique way of processing transactions where we reconstruct the ABI for a contract if it’s missing. This means we have the most comprehensive database of ABIs that exists. Need an ABI? Look no further.

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy! Just head over to and issue an API key!

What’s next?

We’re always looking for feedback to make our product better. Much of our effort will go into making our current product as magical as possible in the short term, but soon we’ll be looking into extending our API. The core purpose of our API is to be infrastructure for your portable user identity in web3. Some areas we might explore:

  • More chains!
  • Credentials and achievements
  • Web3 social infrastructure
  • Core RPCs

If any of this sounds interesting, feel free to reach out at or telegram @carlcortright with suggestions.