December 21, 2022

Introducing Free and Open Source, 95% Decoded Ethereum Datashares and SQL API by Coherent

Introducing Free and Open Source, 95% Decoded Ethereum Datashares and SQL API by Coherent

Coherent is excited to announce the release of our CC0 licensed, Ethereum decoded dataset as a public good. This launch comes with a completely open source codebase and 95.5% decoded logs, transactions, and traces. This dataset is currently available in Snowflake and will soon be available in Big Query, Databricks, and Redshift. We also provide API access for building analytics applications and offer premium support. The dataset is a game-changer for a variety of use cases, including machine learning (ML), accounting, business intelligence (BI), and fraud prevention.

Decoded Ethereum Datashares: What Are They?

The decoded Ethereum datashares are akin to Dune Analytics, but they provide the added benefit of being available in your own data warehouse environment for enterprise customers, all shared on Snowflake.

Decoding is a crucial step in making the blockchain data human readable, enabling anyone to perform analysis. We tag every transaction with a human readable action and 95% are decoded (including input and logs), making it easy to understand what happened onchain.

Some of the use cases include:

  1. Analytics and BI: Real-time insights into any protocol we decode.
  2. Fraud Prevention: Real-time analytics on an address's activity to prevent fraud.
  3. Machine Learning: Utilize human readable data to create advanced machine learning algorithms.
  4. Accounting: Assess the tax treatment of any transaction and accurately calculate cost basis.

How We Achieved 95.5% Decoded Logs, Transactions, and Traces

The success of our decoded Ethereum datashares is grounded on our industry-leading library of ABIs. Furthermore, we use real-time decoding in the warehouse using DBT. This allows us to decode new contracts we get ABIs for on the fly. With this setup, you can upload an ABI and have decoded data in minutes. We are also excited to share this capability with the community through our open source platform at GitHub.

Introducing Our SQL API

We have developed a SQL API that allows users to create an API out of any SQL query quickly and easily. This tool is purpose-built for analytics applications and data science, with a keen focus on speed and performance. Check out our docs here

Accessing the Data

Our dataset can be accessed via Snowflake. It’s fast and easy to get set up. Start querying today!

Permissive Open Source Licensing

In the spirit of the open source ecosystem, we have made everything MIT licensed and free to fork and use at GitHub. The data is CC0 licensed, as we believe in contributing back to the community.

Premium Support

We offer premium support via telegram, slack, phone, and email for any company that needs fast response times. Our support is perfect for adding new ABIs to the dataset, helping debug issues, and writing custom queries.