Human Readable Web3 APIs

Our mission is to democratize web3 data for the ecosystem. Our goal is to drive adoption and increase accessibility for this key resource for web3 builders.

All the data you need to build your application.

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Human readable data

Gone are the days of unreadable cryptic hashes. Human readable tagging and actually useful datapoints on everything.

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Multi-chain by default

Easily integrate many chains. APIs that support Ethereum, Optimism, Polygon etc.

Amazing features that will speed up your go to market

99.999% uptime

Always online. Industry leading uptime that delivers the highest performance possible for your users.

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Real time

Real time streaming. All of our data is up to date with the current chain tip, making applications real-time for your users.

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Rich data

Don't just fetch a balance. Get the asset name, amount, amount USD, image etc. Contextual data in every endpoint.

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5B+ data points

Focus less on data and more on what's most important: building your product.

Every chain

Our endpoints include data from every EVM chain, making it extremely easy to build multi-chain products.

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React SDK

Plug and play components that let you build applications in minutes, customizable with CSS.

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Integrated with the most popular blockchains

Coherent is constantly adding new blockchains and tools that allow us have the most up to date and valuable data on the market.

Made for all use cases

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DAO memberships? Balances? Our endpoints have everything you need to supercharge your dapp's experience.

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Floor price, collection stats, transactions etc. Everything you need to make your wallet's experience world class for your users.

Custody Solutions

Accurate gains/losses data to tell how much your users made. Accurate and reliable.